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Job responsibilities

Are you a canvas repairer? We're hiring!

If you are currently seeking employment, we'd love to have you on board! We're seeking a reliable, self-motivated canvas repairer to join our hard working team at Ernie's Canvas Shop in Alberta Lea, MN.


To be considered a candidate, you should have sewing skills, math skills, a strong work ethic, and be detail-oriented. In addition to canvas repair, you'll help set up and take down tents and assist with the installation of commercial and residential awnings.

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Join the team at Ernie's Canvas Shop today!

•   Repair damaged or worn tents, awnings, and other canvas articles. Examine canvas for worn

     areas, holes, and tears

•   Use needle and thread or sewing machine to patch holes, sew tears, and darn defective area

•   Use grommet machine or mallet and punch or to stamp grommets into the edges of canvas

•   Use scissors or knife to cut or trim edges of damaged areas

•   Use tape measure to measure structures for canvas coverings.

•   Set up and take down tents for residential and commercial customers

•   Assist with installation of commercial and residential awnings

•   Labor intensive and be must be able to lift up to fifty pounds and must be detail oriented